Monday February 19, 2018

Shipping & Returns

There are 4 categories of items in the Museum Store

Classes of items in our store

2. Membership/Dues Renewals

No postage fee**

3. Contributions/Donations

No postage fee

4. Convention Registrations, etc.

No postage fee

2, 3, 4 categories are processed in separate accounts, not mixed with MERCHANDISE
MERCHANDISE, category 1, requires postage, the other 3 are postage free
MERCHANDISE, category 1, has a minimum purchase of $15


Postage fee

** Help THS keep postage to a minimum: Please renew by January 5th, the first quarter Commutator mailing. When Commutators are mailed as a group, the Postal Service discounts the postage - an automatic savings that is keeping your dues stable. Renewals received after the first group mailing may be charged postage for mailing single issues. Click here to read more.

Because of higher bank fees to process credit card transactions, there is a minimum credit card purchase of $20 for merchandise (not including postage).

Postage is adjusted higher or lower according to size, weight & destination. Postage (table rate) listed on your order form is an estimate based on mainland US rates.

If you order merchandise totaling under $20, it will not be processed.

If you purchase merchandise under $20 and add a membership, donation, renewal or any other nonpostage item on the same order, merchandise will not be processed. Others (Membership, etc.) are separate accounts and will be processed.


Classes of items in our store
● We do not charge your card until your order is ready to ship.
● Shipping is by USPS First Class or Priority Mail or regular Ground by UPS.
● If you need a rush order, please contact us immediately with your requirements.

Fragile Merchandise

● Posters and prints are shipped separately in mailing tubes.
● Model kits, glass and fragile items are shipped separately.
● Packing the above and all fragile merchandise, if necessary, may incur an additional handling fee.


● Returns are not accepted on opened DVDs, CDs or other recordings or for prints and posters, sorry.
● Napkins, jewelry and clothing cannot be returned due to sanitary reasons.
● If your order is damaged in transit, contact the shipper first for an inspection of the item (US Postal Service or the UPS). Save all the packing materials. Obtain a claim number and then contact us. Thank you.

Shipping Time

What is the usual time after I make an order?
We usually fill your order within 48 hours which is 2 business days. Business days are Monday thru Friday.
Rush Orders are processed, packaged and ready for shipping within 24 hours of receipt.

Shipping Time begins when your order has been picked up by UPS (Mon thru Fri) or USPS (Mon thru Sat am).
Shipping originates from Massachusetts, USA.

United States mainland
2 - 8 business days

Via USPS Airmail Parcel Post
Canada 5 - 12 business days
Australia 1 1/2 - 3 weeks
Europe 1 - 2 weeks

Delays resulting from Customs processing are not included in the expected delivery estimates.
Seller is not responsible for Shipping Time.
Shipping Time varies with package destination, particularly during peak periods around holidays.

Late Renewal Shipping Fees

As you know THS dues have not changed for a couple of decades yet we all know the price of nearly everything has been rising. How does the THS do it? It isn't magic but it does require each member's cooperation which means renewing before the first Commutator mailing of the new year.

The reason dues have been unchanged, whether a member lives in Australia or Arkansas, is the Commutators are shipped in bulk quarterly mailings resulting in a discount from the U.S. Postal Service. Commutators are shipped in four annual bulk mailings and those bulk mailings are the reason member dues have remained stable. Members have been the beneficiary, especially outside mainland U.S. This system has worked until recently. Unfortunately many renewals continue to be received after the first mailing.

Postage is a big expense for the THS and each year the expense increases. Commutators mailed separately are very expensive (compared to bulk mailing). Single issues must be shipped as airmail 1st class outside of mainland United States. For Europe, UK, Australia, etc., currently [2014] postage is $10.72 to ship one issue. A single issue to Canada is $4.79 and the U.S. is $2.69. Two or more issues, the postage will be more. This is not sustainable or acceptable.

It is necessary that members should pay the actual postage for Commutators for dues renewals received after the first quarterly mailing in January (January 5th). Actual postage will be added when your dues renewal is processed. THS renewal forms for each year will be in the November mailing (4th quarter Commutator).

Members can renew earlier anytime in the year without waiting for the annual dues renewal form.

Thank you