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The Titanic Commutator Issue 217


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This issue, among other articles, features two reminisences - one is a 20 year story highlighting some personal experiences of Don Lynch, Ed and Karen Kamuda during the filming of the multi- Academy Award winning Titanic and another is 25 years of researching HMHS Britannic by Simon Mills. Looking back in retrospect, it's amazing how quickly time has passed.

Beginning in 1901, each of the "Big Four" except Adriatic held the title "Largest Ship in the World" Yet, today when one reads about the history of liners on the North Atlantic, the four are scarcely mentioned. They all lived long lives, were profitable and very popular with the traveling public. Ray Lepien updated his original story of The Big Four that appeared in this journal (Summer, Fall 1983). This article features Cedric.

To our older members who read about a coal fire in one of Titanic's bunkers a couple of decades ago in this journal, the theory: did a fire raging in one of Titanic's coal bunkers so weaken the structure of the vessel that this contributed to her loss after striking an iceberg is making the rounds again. And, was White Star aware of the fire burning out of control but decided to cover this up in order not to delay Titanic's maiden voyage as the company was in serious financial difficulties following the collision her sister ship Olympic sustained a year before as claims made lately? Paul Louden-Brown responds to the latest misinformation.

George Behe presents two letters from his book, "On Board RMS Titanic: Memories of the Maiden Voyage" The first was written on May 3, 1912 by Father Patrick Livingstone, to a friend in Warrensburgh, New York describing his nearly-completed voyage on the White Star liner Celtic in the immediate aftermath of the Titanic disaster. The second letter of August in 1922 was by Mr. O. O. McIntyre, an American newspaper columnist crossing the Atlantic on the Cunard liner Mauretania describing a snapshot of his day on board the great vessel.

Noting how time flies, THS's 56th birthday is in 2018. Our next convention is planned for August 2018. Don Lynch is handling the details as he so sucessfully did at our Boston convention. Information will be published as it is confirmed. News is posted regularly on THS's Facebook before appearing on the THS website (Events) on the menu or in the Commutator. We strongly advise to go to the site to be up to date. Link:

The THS officers voted last Fall to add two outstanding members to the Advisory Board. They are Bryan Cash and Gene Lastner. Congratulations and welcome.

The winter of 2016-17 was, for many of the staff, a tough one dealing with virus and flu. All correspondence, The Commutator, convention plans, memberships - new and renewals, and online purchases were affected. We're getting back to speed as fast as we can. Thanks for your understanding and patience. (Note: This issue will be available after March 1 2017).


Cedric of the "Big Four"
By Ray Lepien, Karen Kamuda

Book Reviews
The Big Four of the White Star Line By Mark Chirnside, reviewed by Bill Wormstedt.

Another conspiracy…
'fire, ice and criminal negligence'

By Paul Louden-Brown

Two Letters
By George Behe

Titanic - A Lookback 20 Years
A Personal View
By Don Lynch and Karen Kamuda

Sea Poste: A Titanic sailing poster?; three questions about Titanic; a piece of wood claimed to be from Titanic.

The Odyssey of the HMHS Britannic
A Retrospective Look at 25 Years of Research

By Simon Mills

Covers: Front and Back cover: Cedric's arrival on her maiden voyage in the ice-choked North River on a cold February 20, 1903 evening Photos: Marine Engineering

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