Friday February 23, 2018

Look out! Southamptonís Titanic Story in Song


Look Out!

Southamptonís Titanic Story in Song

Look Out! recounts the events leading up to the tragedy and aftermath of the Titanic disaster from Southamptonís
perspective, mainly from the crew (among the dead were over 500 whose home was Southampton), and in particular,
Fred Fleet who first saw the iceberg and lived with the memories for the rest of his life. Contains, The Night the Ship Went
Down, Tears of the Angel, Cast off the Lines, 21 Knots, The Band Played On, White Star, Master at Arms, An Ordinary Bloke, Spring
in Southampton
and many others that bring the Titanic story to life. 23 Songs by White Star Line-Up, a talented group of Hampshirebased musicians and singers

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