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The White Star Line: An Illustrated History 1869-1934


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Titanic? White Star? Here’s the Best Book!

Looking for the Real Story on Titanic?

White Star’s Magnificent Ships Revealed in One Superb, Lavishly Illustrated Volume

If you are looking for a concise, accurate account on the White Star Line, this book is for you. A big, handsome, 15 X 8 1/2, 136-page hardcover beauty published by the Titanic Historical Society is chock full of glorious color illustrations. Hundreds of rare images from the author’s collection, many published for the first time, are sharp, visually striking and photographed in their natural color.

If you use eBay, this book is for you; a fantastic resource with a wealth of information and showing loads of White Star collectibles as examples.

If you are just beginning to discover Titanic history, this book is for you with a background on the ill-fated liner, other ships in the White Star “family” and a brief history of the company including setting the record straight on J. Bruce Ismay. If you are an old hand at White Star history this book is for you with a multitude of new reference data, index and a ship specification list all in one volume. Subjects include: The First of a Long Line; Blue Riband Sisters; Armed Merchant Cruisers; Livestock Carriers; Magnetic and Gothic; The Colonial Service; Cattle and Cargo; Ship Surgery; The Crowning Glory of the 19th Century; The Big Four; Joint Service Liners to Australia & New Zealand; A White Star–Dominion Liner; Wartime Loss; The Mediterranean Service; The Canadian Service; The Olympic Class; In Memoriam; Cherbourg Tenders; Mistaken Identity; Emigrants and Cargo; Post War Years; Cabin Class to Canada; The Cruising Business; The Motor Ship Look.

Meticulously researched, an incredible sweep of history, this luxury-bound edition comprehensively celebrates the contributions of the famous White Star Line.

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