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POLAR The Titanic Bear


Back Again by Popular Demand



By Daisy Corning Stone Spedden

This is a wonderful gift book--the richness and emotion of the story are all the more poignant when enhanced by actual family photographs, the Spedden's tragic personal story and the reflection of an era that will never exist again.

Leighton H. Coleman, III, opened a window on the sinking of the Titanic, the most famous sea disaster of all time, through memorabilia while exploring the attic of his relative Daisy Corning Stone Spedden. He found many personal treasures, including a charming book Daisy had written in 1913 for her 8-year-old son, Douglas.

This story, gorgeously illustrated with watercolor paintings, actual family photographs, keepsakes, and historic postcards, weaves the fabric of “Polar the Titanic Bear,” into an engaging slice of history for all ages, told through the view of an extraordinary toy bear named Polar.

The story begins in the toy workshop where Polar is born, and quickly moves to where he is given to “Master,” Douglas, Daisy Spedden’s son. Soon the boy and bear are inseparable. As the wealthy Speddens are world travelers, Polar and his new family sail from New York to Algiers to the French Riviera until it is time for them to return to America on the Titanic. On the night of the sinking, Polar and the Speddens are lucky enough to be lowered down the side of the ship in a lifeboat, but when the family boards the rescue ship, Carpathia, Polar finds himself left behind! How will Polar make it back to his best friend?

The historical context for the story is fully and engagingly explained with more details on the Titanic disaster. Also evoking the Edwardian era are award-winning artist Laurie McGaw's romantic paintings, equally effective in their portrayal of the drama at sea and the love between a boy and his bear.

Softcover, size 9 X 9 inches, weight 12 oz., 64 pages, Reading level ages 9 -12. No waiting. In stock and ready to ship.

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