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The Titanic Commutator Issue 003


December 1963 Volume I, No III. Marconigram renamed The Titanic Commutator. The Official Journal for the Organization of The Titanic Enthusiasts of America. TEA was a misnomer, was not a national organization; membership was majority European.

Contents in this Issue

3.-1 Honour Members named--30 Titanic survivors and 4 authors. Walter Lord for researching Titanic and A Night to Remember; Wilton J Oldham for clearing Bruce Ismay's name The Ismay Line; W. Leslie Harrison, devotion to clearing Captain Lord's name; William McQuitty for the film, A Night to Remember. Titanic passengers/crew/officers: Joseph Boxhall, Gus Cohen, John Podesta, George Kemish, (Mrs) Alfred Pugh, John B. Ryerson, Edith Haisman, Frederick D. Ray, Wilfred D. Seward, Katherine Manning, Violet Jessop, Eva Hart, E. Derby, Albert Caldwell, R. Norris Williams, George T. Rowe, Edith Russell, Leo J. Hyland, Laura Buzzell, Washington dodge, Mrs Jacques Futrelle, Amy McMicken, Walter Williams, Rene Harris, Celiney Decker, Lawrence Beesley, Edwina Corrigan, Sylvia Mecherele, Reginald Burgess.

Letters from many of above with thanks; author Roy Anderson.

Editorial by Edward Kamuda.

Wilton J Oldham explains misnomer Gigantic for Britannic.

First full-page photograph, Mrs J Bruce Ismay; obituary by Wilton J. Oldham.

Sunk, Bombed, Shot....but the "Cat" still lives by Gus Cohen, Titanic survivor. Exciting account by a man who truly had nine lives. (Cohen's handwritten account on Carpathia stationery is in Titanic Museum.)

Titanic survivor news, personal notes. Mr Frederick Ray is recuperating from a prostate operation, those wishing to send get well wishes, address... Open policy for many years regarding survivors. In the 1980s, after the wreck was discovered, survivors became targets of exploitation; a privacy policy was enacted.

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