Titanic at 100-Was Titanic Liverpool Nameplate Photographed

Titanic at 100-Was Titanic Liverpool Nameplate Photographed

Postby Baxter on Wed May 02, 2012 7:57 pm

Forgive me if this is doing something against the rules.

The other thread on this program was closed Mr Stephenson made clear that the Titanic Liverpool name plate would be shown in Titanic at 100.

I watched, recorded, but did not see it or missed it. The links to the program were put up and I did not see it.

It's something I have badly wanted to see since 1985 and I have seen every documentary from Ballard 85-86 through the 90's Rmst Inc to Mr Cameron 2001-05, Ballard return to RMST Inc 2010 and the Imax visit in 1990. Despite the thousands of bow shots I have seen one only good distance shot released recently of Titanic's aft stern which is still very recognizable and in tact.

I would love to see this from every angle, lit up close ups of the deck.

I do not understand why after a quarter of a century there has been one still image, no close up shots of the nameplate, nothing but a few very quick video glances over the years which I first saw in Ghost of the Abyss.

If Mr Stephenson or anyone else can respond or post the image/video or point me to a site at Woods Hole or RMST Inc where this would be included that would be incredible.

Thanks for reading.


Re: Titanic at 100-Was Titanic Liverpool Nameplate Photograp

Postby Parks Stephenson on Thu May 03, 2012 11:58 pm

In 2010, the name "TITANIC" was imaged on the starboard side of the bow (only "TANIC" could be discerned...the "TI" was obscured by rusticles). The name on the port side of the bow had already been cleaned off and imaged in a previous expedition:

Image TIT
Image ITA
Image ANIC
Image C

I don't believe the imagery of the starboard side bow name letters made it into the show. The last edit I saw, the sequence where we found the "LIVERPOOL" name on the stern was in the show, but there was a last-minute edit afterward that removed some of the content, so I don't know whether or not it was included in the final broadcast version. The name "TITANIC" above the "LIVERPOOL" was too close to the rusticles hanging from the knuckle and was almost impossible to see, but I did see the bottom part of the vertical legs of the letters "IT" above the "LIVERPOOL" name.

The letters are very shallow and extremely difficult to see. It took several viewings of the video where we knew the name had to be before the outlines of the letters could be discerned. In the rough edit I saw, computer graphics were needed to overlay the letters over the letters' position so that the audience could tell what it was they were looking for. Maybe it was felt that this was not a good payoff for the mass audience.

Too bad for the Olympic-switch crowd...there was no "OLYMP" anywhere to be found. :D

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Re: Titanic at 100-Was Titanic Liverpool Nameplate Photograp

Postby Baxter on Fri May 04, 2012 4:13 pm

Thank you very much Mr Stephenson for taking the time to reply and post these images, and your wonderful work over many expeditions.

I did see one of these images recently on-line and RMST included 2010 video of lettering but I was not sure of it was port or starboard so it's great to see this. I remember the Return to Titanic 1987 showing the letters which was cleaned.

I have always had a fascination with the aft stern and the name plates, hull sides because simply nothing's been released and it's an intact area. Sure I understand a ninety minute documentary has time constraints and this one did bring many new important discoveries.

The aft stern from sides and the name plates have always been my personal titanic holy grail. I just hope that does not land permanently on the cutting room floor in the future.

I remember in Ballard's Discover of Titanic when he looked at the rudder the overhang above past the rusticle line was completely clean of rust because of how steep it was.

Thanks again so much.

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