Donating Items?

Donating Items?

Postby James Thomas on Fri Apr 13, 2012 11:20 am


I've got a question regarding how to go about making a donation of items to the museum. I have 2 (most likely authentic) newspapers from 1912 encased in glass. One is the New York Herald from April 16th 1912 (headlines of the sinking), and the other it the New York Tribune from April 20th 1912 (about the inquiry).

I also have 5 books that are from 1913, 4 of which are in fair condition, 1 has a damaged binding.

I'm happy to donate these do a museum where others can see them, assuming there is any interest in these items.

I tried calling a couple times this week, but I guess the museum is busy at the moment (it is the anniversary after all :) ).

If you want more information or want me to post photos I'd be happy to.
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Re: Donating Items?

Postby Timothy Trower on Mon Apr 16, 2012 12:26 am


I do know that the THS museum has been more than swamped this past week, and that things will not truly settle down until after this weekend's memorial convention for the 100th anniversary. Try making your call the following week: you can also email the particulars to me at (just remove the NOSPAM before emailing) and I will be glad to forward this to the appropriate person.
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