Reportedly Aboard "Titanic"---

Reportedly Aboard "Titanic"---

Postby Thomas Golembiewski on Thu Apr 05, 2012 4:44 pm

Chicago Tribune, Thursday, April 18, 1912, p. 3, c. 3:

Theatrical Man’s Sister Lost

San Antonio, Tex., Apr. 17---E. H. Reynolds, a theatrical man here, reports that his only sister, Miss Edith Dorris Reynolds, was among the Titanic’s passengers. She was engaged to marry H. C. Jones secretary to the British ambassador to China. Her name does not appear on the list of refugees.


Anxiety for Des Moines Couple

Des Moines, Ia., Apr. 17---Anxiety is felt here for the safety of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Phillips, wealthy Des Moines people, who are believed to have sailed for New York on Titanic. Mr. Phillips is an extensive land owner in this section.


Lawyer Fears Son is Lost

Appleton, Wis., Apr. 17—Fears are expressed by friends of Harold S. Spencer, son of Attorney A. M. Spencer of this city, that he has been lost in the wreck of the Titanic. About a year ago Mr. Spencer married Amenda Howe Valentine, a Philadelphia heiress and widow of a wealthy Englishman. They had been living in Sicily, and Mr. Spencer recently wrote h8is father they expected to sail shortly for America, although he gave no date.


Child and Companion Missing

Painesville, O., Apr. 17—Miss Jessie Malletich of Youngstown and Emil Nanestnik of Austria, whom she was bringing to his father here, were on board the Titanic. Their names are not on the list of those reported as rescued.


Michigan Merchant Is Missing

Palmer, Mich., Apr. 17—[Special]—Matt Kolyisto of this place was a passenger on the Titanic, returning from a visit to his former home in Finland. He was one of the leading Finnish residents in northern Michigan and a prominent merchant.


Chicago Record-Herald, Thursday, April 18, 1912, p 5, c. 1:

Wisconsin Man Escapes
Wausau, Wis., Apr. 17—George Hart, for many years court reporter here, reported to have been a passenger on the Titanic, who was believed to have been lost., was not onboard, according to a letter received here, which stated his reservation had been canceled.


Hear From Ohio Woman

Niles, Ohio, April 17—William Clark of this city today received a message forwarded from Halifax telling him that his wife, who was returning from France aboard the Titanic, was safe on board the Carpathia. Mrs. Clark was accompanied by her 1-year-old boy.

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Re: Reportedly Aboard "Titanic"---

Postby Wayne Dew on Mon Apr 09, 2012 1:59 pm

My Grandfather was from Denmark. He told his family (my Grandmother and his children) that he was a stowaway on the Titanic. All we have is what he told people. He had a very close relationship with a couple by the name of Fred and Lilly Hansen in Wilmington, NC. He and my Grandmother named my Mother after the woman, "Lilly Hansen". I know it's a long shot, but just hoping someone out there may have known the Hansens and may have some information that might help confirm the story that my Mother was told as a child. My Mother is now 82 years old. Her memory is slipping. I would love nothing better than to find out for sure, if indeed, the story is true!! My Grandfather's name was George Rudolph Carlton. He said he had a brother named Carl. No one ever met Carl though. He also said he was from Denmark and he had a very heavy Danish accent. I really wish that someone in the family would have asked more questions of my Grandfather or had researched this many years ago when survivors from the Titanic were still alive. Thanks for any help that I might receive.
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Re: Reportedly Aboard "Titanic"---

Postby Thomas Golembiewski on Wed May 16, 2012 9:26 am

Chicago Record-Herald, Sunday, May 5, 1912, p. 14, c. 5:


Musician and Wife Avoided the Titanic After Singular Proceeding

New York, May 4.---By the flip of a coin the lives of Frank Adelman and his wife may be said to have been saved from death on the Titanic.

They were thought by their friends to have perished on that vessel and were presented with their obituary notices and pictures, published shortly after the wreck, when they stepped off the Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse.

Mr. Adelman, who is a well known musician, having conducted various orchestras in the far West, returns from Europe to make his home in this city. He had planned to sail on the Titanic, but when his wife urged a premonition of danger he consented to flip a coin and if she won humor her whim and take the German boat instead. Mrs. Adelman's luck probably saved the couple.


Chicago Record-Herald, May 10, 1912:


Irish Organizations Will Greet Paudeen Burke Saturday Evening

Several Irish organizations in Chicago will co-operate in giving a ball in honor of Paudeen Burke, a survivor of the Titanic, at Emerald Dancing Academy, Saturday evening.

The story of the sinking of the liner was told yesterday by Burke, who reached Chicago in the morning. He said a revolver in the hands of a ship's officer was a convincing argument that caused many of the men to give way to the women and children.

"As the last boat from our side of the ship was being lowered the man with the revolver turned to me," said Burke. "Can you row?" he demanded. 'This medal was given me for rowing.' I answered, showing him a medal I wore on my vest. So I was ordered to get into the boat, and I pulled the craft out and away from the Titanic just as the liner broke in two and sank."


The Adelmans appear on early versions of some passenger lists; White Star later sent out a corrected list and their names were removed . . . I have no idea who this Paudeen Burke is, no such name appears anywhere on the Titanic's passenger list . . . and why Irish organizations would honor him I have no idea . . .

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Re: Reportedly Aboard "Titanic"---

Postby Shawn Hayes on Mon Mar 04, 2013 1:15 pm

This is for the record. My grandfather, Redmond Butler, had a ticket for the Titanic, third class, and was returning to New York from South Hampton. He was out celebrating the night before and missed the ship by 10 minutes. I was wonder if there would be a record of this.
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Re: Reportedly Aboard "Titanic"---

Postby Lester Mitcham on Fri Mar 08, 2013 5:43 pm


If your grandfather was that close to boarding Titanic I would expect his name to be on BT 27/780B, which is a List of Passengers who boarded at Southampton and includes the names of several who were booked but did not board. Your grandfather's name is not on that document.
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