Postby Glenn Mitchell on Wed Dec 28, 2011 3:49 pm

Gilt edged dishes (and practically everything else) for first class
Blue china for second class
Imprinted stoneware for third class

I swear that the third class passengers got better looking plate service than I do at most of the sit down family style restaurants I've been to!

After seeing a display of Titanics plateware, I've now got something to compare my every day dishes and my good dishes to. I'd say I'm a second class passenger type mostly. I do get down to third class too.

It is revealing to me to appreciate how much attention and expense the owners paid to fit out the great ship(s), and how pointed it is to me to know that those good people did the the best they could with the knowledge and technology they had in their day. How sad that the technology of shipbuilding and the technology of electronics ( radar ) did not keep pace. What if the world had a Tesla say 50 years earlier?
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