Carpathia 2007 at the EuroTek Dive Show

Carpathia 2007 at the EuroTek Dive Show

Postby Simon Mills on Sun Nov 02, 2008 6:44 pm

For those of you who are interested in the recent diving expeditions to the RMS Carpathia, if you live in the Birmingham area of the UK then on Saturday 15th November the leaders of the 2007 expedition, Ric Waring & Jeff Cornish, will be giving a presentation at the EuroTek 08 dive show, which is being held at the ICC over that weekend.

The nature of the show means that the emphasis of their talk will probably concentrate on the technical diving aspects of the project, rather than the history, but it's likely that they will include some wreck footage which may be of interest. This link should tell you more:

Richie Kohler, one of the Deep Sea Detectives (US) will also be at the EuroTek show on the Saturday to give a presentation on the 2005/07 Titanic project, which analysed the two pieces of the double bottom and put forward the revised concept of the shallow angle break.

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