Carpathia Exhibit

Carpathia Exhibit

Postby Simon Mills on Fri Apr 03, 2009 6:26 am

For anyone who is interested -- particularly if you happen to live in Minneapolis-St. Paul:

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Re: Carpathia Exhibit

Postby Richard A Krebes on Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:09 am

Thanks for posting this, Simon. :-)
I happen to be a lifelong resident of Minneapolis/St. Paul, but do not plan on visiting this exhibit due to my beliefs about salvaging the Titanic and the ship most associated with her.
I explained why in an entry in the "comments" section for the above article which I shall repost here:

"The heroic story of the RMS Carpathia, commanded by captain Arthur H. Rostron, is equal to, if not more so, the heoric tale of the Titanic. Rostron was an able sea dog who did not hesitate to rush 58 miles northwest into harms way to aid those in peril upon the sea. It is a crying shame he is forgotten today in all but Titanic circles thanks to Hollywood leaving him out entirely in it's 1997 chick flick about the sinking. Worse, I am sure Rostron would not have approved the scavenging for artifacts going on aboard his old ship. I would rather see that salvaged porthole on the wreck via an underwater ROV rigged up at the site broadcasting a live stream to the Internet from the comfort of my own home rather than have to hike halfway across town and pay over twenty bucks just to look at something yanked out of it's historic fabric in the name of making a buck off the Titanic disaster."

That about says it all.
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