Olympic Passenger Lists

Olympic Passenger Lists

Postby Karen Kamuda on Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:12 am

A number of people working on genealogy or just for fun are curious if any of their family came over on Olympic (and other White Star Ships). THS was contacted by Christian Cody who is compiling a considerable number of them and is sharing his work with the THS. We’ll be posting 1911-1912 and 1913 shortly and we just got word that he’s working on 1914 and 1920 seasons for Olympic.
Then he’s working on passenger lists back to 1892. As they come in, we’ll post them.

The first group:
OLYMPIC Passenger Lists - Westbound Crossings

Passenger information came from Ellis Island’s website: http://www.ellisisland.org

Names are sorted by ethnicity so one can see which groups the White Star Line appealed to and at what times. There are names of the rich and powerful from the United States, Canada, and England to thousands of immigrants from over 40 different countries.

Crossings 1- 6 are passenger lists from the 1911 season.
Crossings 7-17 are passenger lists from the 1912 season.
Crossing 18-22 are passenger lists from the 1913 season.

The names are separated into up to 9 groupings:
Saloon (First Class)
Cabin (Second Class)
Steerage (Third Class)
Each is divided by which por
t Southampton, Cherbourg, Queenstown they boarded the ship.

The names of the passengers from each class are listed in different colors.
First Class passengers are in Green
Second Class passengers are in Red
Third Class passengers are in Blue

Passengers are divided by where they came from to give researchers information on what kind of people preferred the White Star Line, especially with immigrants.

Each list begins with passengers from the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America, to distinguish them from the other immigrants and travelers.

The remainder are by region:
Great Britain––England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
Scandinavia––Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark
Northern and Western Europe––Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal
Southern Europe––Switzerland and Italy

The next group is known to be a bit of a problem researching in genealogy. Regarding the Austria-Hungary Empire, many of the immigrants were defined as Austrians, Luckily Ellis Island did keep records of their ethnic backgrounds, making it easier to match them to their specific area in which they came from, which are today independent countries.
Austria-Hungary Empire––Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Bohemia and Poland
Baltic States––Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania (Not much traffic from these countries until 1920)
Southeastern Europe––Romania, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece
Middle East––Turkey, Armenia and Syria
Russia––Includes ethnic Russians residing in England
Africa and South Africa
Asia––India, China and Japan, other areas that haven't seen much traffic so they are listed in general as Asians.
Australia and New Zealand

We hope you will find Mr. Cody's compilations helpful and informative and we appreciate his thoughtfulness in sharing his work.

Karen and Ed
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Re: Olympic Passenger Lists

Postby Admin on Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:13 pm

The current batch of these passenger lists are now available on the THS site here: Olympic Passenger Lists
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Re: Olympic Passenger Lists

Postby Timothy Trower on Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:13 pm

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