Titanic 3D (virtual version)

Titanic 3D (virtual version)

Postby Emmanuel Gruijs on Sat Mar 17, 2012 12:42 pm

This topic is focussing on a virtual 3D MMO representation of Titanic in real size, meaning you can walk around on it with other visitors and talk to each other at the same time in your own Avatar (virtual body).

The first version was opened in 2005 and has since attracted more than 3 million visitors. Although the outside is as accurate as possible, the inside of this first version contains an art shop (with works from Roger Bansemer and other artists) and a cinema with a film of a real dive to the ship. Entry to the ship is free.

The new virtual Titanic is being built in Activeworlds Europe again by a dedicated group of people who have extensive knowledge of the ship and wish to offer everyone a perfect virtual Centenary on the ship.

The current new version is based on the models made by Kyle Hudak for engines like Virtual Sailor, VSF, Mafia and Crisis engines and work from other modelers and specialists. You can find more information about them on our web site Titanic3D.com, including a short trailer of the virtual ship.

Titanic 3D will sail the Internet like the real Titanic did, and this virtual version will even allow you to have a cabin on the ship and hopefully experience what passengers experienced one hundred years ago. During the voyage live presentations will be offered by specialists, museums and other organisations.

I have opened this post to hear from you what you would like to see and experience on the virtual ship, or if you would like to be part of the virtual Centenary voyage, as a passenger, or as a specialist in our team.

Kind regards,
Emmanuel Gruijs
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