Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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This post will be updated from time to time as questions arise about this forum, and how it operates. For immediate answers, first please view the Forum Rules, and also the Forum Technical FAQ If you can't find your answers in these locations, then please contact one of the administrators for assistance.

Why must my user name be my real name?
Since many of our members know each other, it is a help when new participants also identify who they are. Additionally, the use of a real name helps keep this message board a friendly place for all.

Can I post images?
Yes. They must be no larger than 600dpi in width by 700dpi in height. You must host the images yourself. If you don't have an online storage area, there are free services such as and that can host your images.

Can I change the time of the board to reflect where I live?
At the top left of the message board page, find and click on User Control Panel. (You will need to be signed in.) Once open, go to the third tab, Board Preferences. Scroll down just a bit, and the option to set your time zone (among other things) will appear. The actual time may be off by an hour due to a small software problem -- the proper time zones are not automatic because of daylight savings time. On this page is also a Yes/No for Summer Time/DST. Set it to No, and it will display your time zone correctly with daylight savings.

Why was my post moved or edited?
If a thread is started in the wrong forum, your question or information may be lost. The moderators may move a post or a thread to a more appropriate forum to ensure that the content is not out of place. Titles may be edited for style or clarity and to more accurately reflect the contents of the posting.
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