life in First Class

life in First Class

Postby Tyler J Frederick on Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:51 pm

Sorry about that guys, I got carried away.
I want to discuss life in First Class. As you know, I have alot of books of Titanic & other Ocean Liners. Almost 200. I know what Titanic looks like, From reading the books & watching the movies. Now, I want to discuss 1st Class cabins, stateroom, & suites. What is the cheapest First Cabin? What is the cost for a modest first class stateroom? I know the Parlor Suites are $4000 or something. But what I want to know is what would it have been like to booked the Parlor suites B-52-54-56? I am just dying to know! Titanic is my favorite ship & therefore, she is to the first ship to discuss on life on board Liners. So, tell me, I am just dying to know how cool it would be to booked Suites B-52-54-56?
Tyler Frederick
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