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Out of all the expeditions that I have heard or watched in the past few days all discussion talks about the point of structural breakup by force of water or weight. Never have I heard the mention of internal explosions adding to the breakup while still afloat. It is impossible that the explosions weren't a contributing factor to the breakup. The introduction of the cold sea water to the boiler rooms and steam fittings and piping would cause a very volatile reactions or explosion. Let me remind you the so called 3 Mile Island accident in 1978 was caused by cold water hittiing the steam fittings not a nuclear problem. In my home county several years ago a valve malfuntioned and allowed cold water to be introduced into the steam fittings and it caused catastorphic damage to huge I beams and tearing and weakening massive amounts of the stucture at the power house, steam turbines, coal fired boilers. The same effect had to take place on the Titanic causeing an internal damge to the ships structure before it split and sank. This would have contributed to the weaking of the hull.
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